Use air conditioning savings in winter

Use the air conditioner is still unfamiliar to many homes today. But the use of air-power to both save money every month to have good health are not well known.

Not only cool the air conditioning in the summer, many families with young children conditioning is considered an effective method to warm in winter. To pass the cold winter last in 2007 with the cold air waves lasting more than 40 days to pay off the money power is not small. The amount of electricity per household to pay more for the use of an air conditioner monthly usually from 200-400 thousand. Can not avoid” using conditioner one day due to severe weather, prolonged hot in summer and cold in winter, such as cutting, many people think saving measures.


Saving measures are often seen as a closed room and regulate the temperature increases. The door closed to keep the room temperature stable, making air conditioners are not too many activities thereby reducing power consumption. Also manipulate temperature conditioning on high, close to the outside temperature to help reduce power plant work, just protect the health of the user, especially for families with young children. Experts also advice: do not stay too long in an airconditioned room. Because air conditioners on the market today do not have any kind of mode also the perfect air purifier. Stay too long in an airconditioned room will make you inhale the toxic gases long backlog in the air can not escape. Once every 4 hours, experts recommend that you have to open to natural ventilation, clean air in the room. In addition, you should also clean the filter regularly conditioning, air purifiers help functions are carried out effectively.

Currently, the market also sells inverter product line conditioning energy saving. The major manufacturers on the market such as Panasonic, Mitsubitshi, Daikin have launched conditioning inverter line using inverter technology, do not turn the compressor off and keep the temperature constant in the room only difference is 0, 5 ° C compared to the temperature selected. The advantage of this is the line conditioner cooling capacity quickly, bring comfortable feeling for the user, the maximum power saving, but in exchange, price is not cheap. A conventional inverter air conditioner price gap with conventional conditioning with a capacity of 1-2 million. But like the other power-saving products, benefits of saving power could be fully compensated for fairly large investment initially. Estimates within a year inverter air conditioner use, the difference will be recovered” by saving electricity costs. One further advantage of this type of conditioning is operational features environmentally friendly, emitting no emissions of ozone destruction.

One of the things that people use often forget” to note that no maintenance, air conditioning maintenance. The longer conditioner maintenance is not usually caused when the operating noise, no filter bacteria and dust in the room. To avoid this, experts recommend conditioning maintenance every 6 months, just increase the longevity of the conditioned medium of your own good health.

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