• What we can do:

When starting a project, there are many issues that make investors concerning about. What items are implemented? What are standards for quality? What equipment and materials should be used?

TST will accompany with you during implementing project, support to solve difficulties, provide suggestions for improvement to achieve the best result.

During 7 years development, TST constructed more than 3.000 projects with varied size and received customers’ satisfaction about our products and services, including:

 Design advisory
 Provide equipment
 Monitoring and controlling project
 System installation
 Technical improvement consultancy
 Maintenance
 Repairing

With outstanding capacity in in electric and refrigeration field, TST is the bidder in constructions and projects in the areas of:



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– Electromechanical system
– Air-conditioning system
– Ventilation system
– Industrial refrigerator system
– Center Air-conditioner system
– Maintenance service
– Repairing service

• Capacity of employees

We have experienced advisors, skilled engineers and enthusiastic staff. All of our processes are based on strict rules about quality standards to best satisfy customers’ demand.

• Capacity of equipment




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