In this field (especially system for food and seafood plants, medical preparations, defense equipment), TST is considered as potential contractor to implement large projects from planning, advising, designing to providing equipment and constructing the whole package. TST is highly appropriated about after sales service – an important element to extend life expectency of the constructions.

Thounsands of constructions and system designed, created, installed by TST have operated safely and durably for many years. Noticeably, TST is proud of being a poineer in researching and creating new generation equipment for seafood and argriculture product processing industry.


  • Manufacturing insulation panels PU, EPS with high quality and quick easy installation
  • Providing and installing tunnel freezer cold storages, industrial cold storages, cold storage warehouses, freezing warehouses using in food and seafood processing industry, fruit preservation. Temperature used is from 0 to -45 degrees C.
  • Providing and installing insulation PANEL PU, PANEL PES, Inox doors for cold storages using in medical industry, manufacturing of semiconductor devices.
  • Constructing industrial refrigerator systems
  • Repairing service for industrial refrigerators, industrial cold storages, cold warehouses, freezing warehouses
  • Cold storages for lease

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