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Use air conditioning savings in winter

Use the air conditioner is still unfamiliar to many homes today. But the use of air-power to both save money every month to have good health are not well known. Not only cool the air conditioning in the summer, many families with young children conditioning is considered an effective method to warm in winter. To […]

Buy the best air conditioning company?

Air conditioning is the heatsink is commonly used in the summer. The choice of carrier air conditioner is best is that the biggest concerns of consumers spend a large sum of money for this kind of heatsink. Each air-conditioned unit has different values ​​in different circumstances, such as demand, cost … just a conditioning batch […]

How to clean the air conditioner

This cold air or cold air radiating weak? It might be a long day conditioning your not cleaning leads to reduced cooling capacity. When encountering this situation, you should clean it first. If the situation is not resolved, then call a professional to still not too late. Normally, you should periodically conditioned toilet 6 months […]

Note the construction and installation of air conditioning?

Construction and installation of air conditioning – A note on construction and installation of air conditioning During construction, installation of air conditioning systems in general as well as air-conditioning systems in particular centers. During the construction process is not inevitable omissions, errors, and confusion caused but not worth mentioning or should not happen even though […]

Mistake acquired while using conditioning inverter

Use air-conditioners, Daikin Inverter manufacturers, conditioners Pannasonic, how to use the most appropriate, how to avoid mistakes when using air conditioners, air-TST Please also understand mistakes when using the moderating INVERTER offline. Truong Van Hung KS, Electrical Center said Hung Lam: Using Technology inverter type power converter circuit adjustable electrical parameters such as voltage, amperage […]

LG Air Conditioner has good and durable to use – Where to buy?

LG Air Conditioner has good and durable to use – where to buy is one of the frequently asked questions of the current household. So, how well conditioned LG, LG has a strong conditioning, conditioning should buy LG where, today, Air TST would advise all of you. LG Air Conditioner The biggest advantage is to […]