After long using time, fin and tube radiotors will be cling by dirt, calcium deposits, lime, mud generated from water and air. That makes equipment operate less effectively.

With compressor system, after a long time operating, copper mites and dirt during construction and lower viscosity of oil make lubricating internal parts inefficient.

Without regular maintenance, the system will suffer unstable operation causing many problems as:

o  The machine system operates inefficiently, easy to breakdown

o  Larger power consumption, electrical waste (arcording to scientists’ research, when condensing temperature increases by 1°C, the power consumption increases by 3-5%)

o  Increase cost, make loss of billions VND

o  Expensive replacement cost

o  Reduce life expectncy of machine

o  Waste time and effort in handling problem

o  Loss customers’ truth and opportunities in business

With 7 years experience, understanding about different system, we always improve standard, quality of service to provide the best products to customers.

Understanding customers’ anxiety, we commit to be available to support customers handling problem within 12 hours since receiving announcement. TST also commits that materials are always available for replacement.

In maintenance field, TST provide:

–          Air-conditioning system maintenance with large amount

–          VRV, Chiller, Central air-conditioning system maintenance; chemical cleaning for cooling tower, Chiller cooling water condenser

–          Cold storages, industrial refrigeration system maintenance

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